A True Story


Idling In The Turning Lane.

A true story that happened to me yesterday, had to share. I’m driving to meet a friend for coffee. I get a little lost and decide to turn to a side street on the left side of the road. I file into the turning lane behind about 20 cars and..

A True Story: Try to stay away from Vizio.

At the start of February I needed a small and affordable HDTV for my apartment  (because the ML HQ’s doesn’t need something fancy… in the shower). I saw a good price on a Vizio 20inch VX20L and bought it after seeing a few but positive comments on the internets. It..

Lady In The Men’s Room.

Man, it’s been a while since ML hosted a True Story post. Last one was back in July before I even joined the site. Basically Earlier today I was in a Chapters (for our non-Canadian readers, it’s a crappier version of Borders or Barnes & Noble) browsing when I felt..

LA Traffic.

All you ML readers from the west west might get a semi-chuckle out of this… Taking the train to work, a girl in her early 20s was talking very loudly and I couldn’t help but hear a discussion going on about a friend taking a public bus somehwere in LA:..

Hip-hop on the news radio.

On my daily commute to work, the choice of radio programming isn’t something you would expect, it’s not hip-hop or even sportstalk. It’s the news station, which be dropping the traffic reports steady, because DC area traffic stays vicious. It can be the difference between a 30min commute or a..

ESPN’s Baseball Tonight promo gave me nightmares.

I’ve ranted about ESPN’s (lack of) dedication to being a true sports network before. Last night I saw something straight out of the Spiderman – MLB chronicles of cross promotion gone wrong as I was trying to fall asleep. They have a spot airing that is a cross-promotion of Baseball..

Funny Stuff

[I started this post at 2:30 am and it got deleted. Fuck the Internet] Last night I was closing up at my work and one of my co-workers mentioned that he had the new Young Buck CD via promo. Naturally, I was excited to see and hear it and I..

Good Clean Fun in Baltimore.

Over the past two weeks I have spent an increasing amount of time in the magical land of Baltimore. The first of my recent outings occurred when I went to some loud hookah bar with a couple of old friends. Besides the waitress being mentally disabled this was a fairly..

Makes Bill Nye As Boring As Growing Grass

JP: btw JP: i hope it’s safe to microwave styrofoam Pal: uh Pal: it’s totally not JP: because i just heated up last night’s mexican food JP: hahah JP: dude don’t lie Pal: seriously, that’s a no no JP: haha JP: well crap JP: i just put it in the..