Hip-hop on the news radio.

On my daily commute to work, the choice of radio programming isn’t something you would expect, it’s not hip-hop or even sportstalk. It’s the news station, which be dropping the traffic reports steady, because DC area traffic stays vicious. It can be the difference between a 30min commute or a 3 hour commute. Anyway, as the rest of the US the area is going through some higher than normal summer temperatures. It’s been the top story on the news for 2 days straight now. So what does the station who’s main audience are lawyers/government employees/shotgun riders of those aforementioned do to spice up the story?.

To the background music of Mims-This Is Why I’m Hot;

Middle aged white news guy #1: Yeah Dawg!

Middle aged white news guy #2: Call me Snooper

After a very brief awkward laughs, they went on their regular news guy talking shtick about the heatwave.

It was so awfully random/funny/cheesy that I jotted it down on paper so I wouldn’t forget to share it with you, our 3 loyal readers.

Kinda made me forgot about T.I. ruining a good song for the evils of sportscenter. Maybe more on that later.

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