A True Story: Try to stay away from Vizio.

At the start of February I needed a small and affordable HDTV for my apartment  (because the ML HQ’s doesn’t need something fancy… in the shower). I saw a good price on a Vizio 20inch VX20L and bought it after seeing a few but positive comments on the internets. It looked fine out of the box when I first turned it on. Things looked even nicer after I tweaked the settings & colors. Then the problems started, first sometimes you would have to enter a channel twice for the tuner to get the signal (from cable), then it started randomly resetting it self. I was annoyed only to become furious when the TV started randomly freezing with about a 150 decibel squeal, which the first time it occurred had me reaching for my (non-existent) piece (and jumping up out of my chair). 

No worries though, Vizio would surely fix this, right? My first call to the non-toll-free number I was disconnected while being “transferred”. Then when I finally got through to some guy, I was told I would need a $500 hold on my credit card to get sent a replacement. I refused (I didn’t really have a trusting feeling of the company at this point) so I was told I would have to ship my TV in first to get a replacement. I was smitten, to get the process started I would have to be called back later in the day by someone! Some man called me back a few hours later to setup a box to be shipped out to me so I could send them my lemon. This was a 20 minute process, lengthened by me constantly having to yell “What??” because the guy was calling me from what seemed like a busy warehouse. In the end he said the box would arrive in about a week.

3 Weeks passed, no box, my ears ringing on the daily from that damn squeal. Needless to say, I was at rising blood pressure/rioting status when I called Vizio again, I talked to a guy, Jose (I think) he was nice and apologized for everything I’ve been through. He said it looked like I was entered into their system “wrong” or something and he would expedite me a box, he also provided a personal number to call him at if I had anymore issues. The box came in about a week, the next day came another box, then the day after than one more (too bad they weren’t with TVs), needless to say my UPS Lady was giving me suspicious looks. I shipped out the TV the day before I went off to Noise Pop (that feature is still coming, I swear!) to minimize a TV-less life. I got a new TV back about 3 weeks later, which hasn’t had any issues so far.

So you ask why I’m writing this now, well this e-mail reminded me of the whole ordeal:

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(Yup, the Shipping Notification e-mail was sent about 3 weeks AFTER the actual ship date.)

Watch this thing break the day the warranty ends.

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  1. Dart_Adams

    Dammit! I was gonna post about my problems with my Insignia 27″ TV bought from Best Buy on Dec. 22 that conked out on March 20th. It’s still in my living room unfixed below my new 32″ flat screen HD jumpoff.

    Fuck Best Buy and their holiday return policy!


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