Idling In The Turning Lane.

A true story that happened to me yesterday, had to share.

I’m driving to meet a friend for coffee. I get a little lost and decide to turn to a side street on the left side of the road. I file into the turning lane behind about 20 cars and patiently wait as the cars in front of me slowly turn out of the lane. Eventually there’s only a single car in front of me left, and I’m still waiting for it to turn.

I start to notice the cars behind me crossing over the middle lane just to get to the left side. Frustrated, I take a look at the car in front of me. I notice that there’s no one in the fuckin’ car, just two large dogs sitting in the passenger and driver’s seat! I’m getting really aggravated. I sit and wait for an open spot and while I’m waiting, a kinda haggard looking lady smoking a cigarette crosses the street and climbs into the car in front of me.

Good, I think, she’s going to move it! Apparently not; she just wanted to drop off her box of cigarettes in the car. At this point, I say “fuck it” and drive across the middle lane like everyone else. I should remind you that this lady left her car idling for at least about 10 minutes in a turning lane, during one of the busiest times of the day.

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