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[I started this post at 2:30 am and it got deleted. Fuck the Internet]

Last night I was closing up at my work and one of my co-workers mentioned that he had the new Young Buck CD via promo. Naturally, I was excited to see and hear it and I offered my man a ride home. As always, on the way home he dropped some classic freestyles, both acapella and over the numerous beat tapes I had in my vehiclc. In fact, I was so enthralled by his raps that night we forgot to listen to the Buck album. So we reached his home and he let me borrow it in exchange for one of my beat CDs. I gladly accepted and then spent the next two hours lost on the winding streets of Anacostia and adjacent DC. All this time I was distressed over not being able to find my way out of Anacostia and I neglected the Buck album. So I finally reached the highway (after I asked like 20 people, none of which talked to me, one person even threw something at me) and listened to the Buck CD on the way home.

I can honestly say I wasn’t impressed. Dude has put out a “Rotten Apple” so to speak. There are no “Stomps” no “Let Me In”. None of that true fire I anticipated from Young Buck. Thats not to say its bad. Its just not that great. In the end you’re still better off listening to mixtape Buck.

I’m not gonna post a full review cause I got the clean version of the album. But I’m sure when I “fill in the fucks” shit still won’t be that hot.

I guess thats it for the Unit then……….

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