Good Clean Fun in Baltimore.

Over the past two weeks I have spent an increasing amount of time in the magical land of Baltimore. The first of my recent outings occurred when I went to some loud hookah bar with a couple of old friends. Besides the waitress being mentally disabled this was a fairly uneventful night. The real shit popped off at Virgin Fest.

I would have to say one of the stand-out performances of the entire festival was RJD2. We arrived early to see him and it was more than worth it. Watching this dude mix 20+ minute dance songs using constantly changing records, and without headphones, was like watching a miracle. I highly recommend anyone who ever has the chance to see him should run to get tickets.

Before the Festival I never had previously seen a major rock band live. But by the time the Raconteurs came on I had already had at least one person fall on me as a result of crowd surfing. While I am not a huge fan of modern rock I would have to say that the Raconteurs put on a great show. My favorite part was when they did their rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang” with Jack White using a specially tuned mic that was placed so while he sang his back was to the crowd.

When Gnarls Barkley came on the crowd seemed subdued for just about every song besides Crazy. But Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse definitely put down an incredible show dressed as Romans for this venue. They put a lot of time into Jokes and story telling too. I wonder if I was the only one yelling for Khujo and Gipp in the crowd?

I have nothing to say about the Who. They were everything I expected and more. They laid shit down. Classic to Classic. Laid Down. Cop that DVD. Life changing.

When the Chilli Peppers came on I had already been hit by a total of 9 people crowd surfing. During their show I was hit by about 10 more. Fucking bananas. I have never seen a performer get so energetic. They ran shit. They played through all the classics and then when they left people were stomping and chanting so loud that they came out and did damn near a whole other show as an encore.

But that wasn’t the end of B-more fun. Last night I went to a another better hookah bar with a friend and after watching Belly Dancing, eating some good food, and smokin’ some great tabaccy we let to see that my car had been towed. Now don’t get it twisted, I fly high, but I just didn’t have that amount needed to free my vehicle (89 Maxima BALLIN!!) in cash on me at the time. So we took a cab back to UMBC and I got that money and left to get my car the next day. Suprisingly, I was so happy with the the whole experience that I wasn’t at all angry about my car getting towed.

But my god do I need sleep.

Maybe a shower first……..

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