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Tired and worn I return to bring the word!!!! The word is Guttah……allow me to elaborate. I was recently (6 hours ago) in the capitol of hip-hop, NYC. Sticking to my usual plan of gulliness I hit the streets in search of some shit that I could not photograph. After copping about 5 bootlegs I came upon this dude who was regailing passing folk with an invitation into his place of buisness (an unmarked building). I approached him to inquire about some DVDs and he said he had none, at this point a young man tapped on my shoulder to get my attention. He showed me this CD in a plain white sleeve and proceeded to say “Thats me and my brother man”, so I copped it (5 bucks, why not?). I listened to his CD and for an off-the-block artist its pretty nice. So a shoutout to the Guttah Coalition. I give them the Track of the Day.

So it seems that our man Cassidy may be staying inside for a minute. I see this as a plus for him. Being locked up right before your album drops is marketing you just can not buy!!!! Maybe he can get himself a nice prison setup like good old Mr. Zekey. After all, he’s a huslter…….right?

Like you needed another reason to hate Suge Knight, it turns out that he may have had a role in the murder of Biggie. Supposedly Mario Ha’mmond (some snitch he was in prison with) was told by Knight that he had organized the murder over a cellphone network. Also implicated were Death Row security leaders Big Sikes aka Devon Sikes and Reg aka Reggie Wright Jr.. Lets just say that I wouldn’t be suprised if we are reading the obituary of Mr. Ha’mmond sometime later this week.

{This comes the day after an internet crash….thank god for drafts!!!}

Today the BIG trial was postponed because of a new tip that suggests the two implicated LAPD officers (David A. Mack and Rafael Perez) confessed to killing the Notorious One. Usually this inflow of snitching would bother someone like me but the mofos who killed Biggie deserve this shit.

Lloyd banks may also encounter some legal trouble because an alleged rape victim who implicated him quite a while ago has an eyewitness who saw the alleged assault. So if Buck and Banks go to prison (followed shortly by the prison magnet……err Talk of New York Tony Yayo) then will G-Unit be completely consumed by it’s new members.

Aight thats it. Update soon.

Track of the Day: Guttah Coalition feat. Dolaco- This is how it is

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