Chat Roulette Piano Man Improv #1, Video.

In late December I found out about a little site called ChatRoulette, a site which pairs you with random strangers in the world that have video cameras and have nothing better to do with their lives than talk to strangers (if you didn’t know this you might live under a rock, age can’t be an excuse because old dudes stay posted up on CR). I wish I documented all of my interactions on there, I’ve had Frat Brahs curse me out for a few minutes to talking to Mainland China residents (who were wearing heavy winter coats indoors) about Yao Ming. I’m still trying to convince KnobbzXL to give it a whirl, I think it would transform his life. Anyways, this video is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a bit. It’s some guy serenading random people on the piano, and doing it with amazing wit. I had to play it back a few times (I mean you guys probably don’t remember when I wrote a full paragraph about something, right?!). I hope more videos come out soon.

After the jump I’ve added a few things CR related that I’ve come across over the past few months you might have missed.

Jon Stewart on CR:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Tech-Talch – Chatroulette

Short CR documentary:

Creator of Chat Roulette, 17 talks to the New York Times (RUSSIA STAND UP)

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