Still not really sure.

So… dude (Donny Goines) felt the need to respond to his first tirade. I honestly think that he’s right and it is wrong to glorify violence and ignorance, but its entertainment. So who cares?

I would like to clarify, my earlier comments aside, that I really think Donny Goines is a great rapper. He has consistently given us good music and I have always liked him, since I started getting e-mails from the guy.

It’s just my opinion that people shouldn’t take entertainers seriously. People don’t hold Robert Englund responsible because he plays Freddy Kreuger. They don’t burn photos of Al Pacino simply because he was Tony Montana. But every day it seems like people blame an act of violence or hatred on music, or a video game. I’m not saying movies never get flack for violence or sex. But the blame often seems disproportionately placed.

In a book we read a story. In a film we see a story. In a song we hear one.

None should be taken seriously.

Unless its Soulja Boy… cause that makes me want to do bad things…

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