Disappointments and Delights in a Day of CMJ Week.

Before I say anything else, I couldn’t think of a better word than “delights.”

Today, my plan was to hit up a Meet n’ Greet at Santo’s and hopefully talk to Large Professor and DJ Babu and then stop by Fat Beats and holler at Blu and Mainframe (Johnson & Jonson) who were making an appearance. Here’s what actually happened.

My first stop was the DJ Meet n’ Greet at Santo’s Party House. I showed up at 5 to a mostly empty room.  Nothing was going on and nobody knew when anyone was going to show up. Someone who worked there informed me that Large Professor wasn’t coming; apparently he was in Portland. How can you be scheduled to be in New York one day and end up all the way in Portland instead? My friend showed up shortly thereafter and we mingled a little bit. Meeting people in town for CMJ, booty grabbing, etc.

Jake One was in the building and I chopped it up with him right quick, cool dude. He told me the MOP track on White Van Music is from 2006 which is why they shout out G-Unit and he was telling me about how he linked up with Bishop Lamont, but I couldn’t really hear him. I quickly realized that I was in a predicament: I was out of cards with which to spread the gospel of Metal Lungies. DJ Babu was nowhere to be found, so I made my way out thinking I would go back to my place and grab some more cards before I hit up Fat Beats. I was about to get on the subway when I got a call from my friend saying Statik Selektah had just shown up. Statik has been fam since I met him at Termanology’s listening party, so I went back and said what’s up to him. He passed me a copy of his new album Stick 2 the Script, which you should be listening to right now instead of reading this. He shouts us out in the liner notes! Good looks, Statik!

I got a pile of free stuff from the event too.

I restocked on cards and headed over to Fat Beats at 7. Fate has thwarted me from seeing Blu about three times and I’m a major Blu stan, so I was excited. When I got there, Blu and Mainframe were conspicuously absent. I stood around awkwardly and stared at records for about half an hour until… New Jack Hustle (Newman from Giant Panda and Shawn Jackson) did a set. These dudes weren’t on my radar at all but held it down pretty well.  They did about four songs. After that, I waited a little more until a couple of dudes who worked there (from Brown Bag AllStars, I believe) announced that Blu wasn’t coming. Dude is officially on my shitlist until he personally makes it up to me with an interview and a private concert. I’m spelling his name “Blue” until he explains himself.

I can’t complain that much though. Not everybody gets to meet Black Milk, Jake One and Statik Selektah over the course of two days. Expect ML to hit CMJ even harder next year.

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