The Worst Thing Ever.

No, its not fake. The Ying Yang Twins are doing a Christmas album. I got this via e-mail and I thought it was a joke until I heard this. The only track I heard was “Sleigh Ride”, and it might be the biggest piece of shit I have ever had to suffer through. Its all about Christmas!!!

Think about it. A Ying Yang album with a positive message, little to no cussing, and nobody talks about their penis!!! What the hell is the point?!

I remember when Jim Jones did one of these in 06. But that shit was a classic. No comparison.

The best part of my day came when I read the statement that the promoter sent with the news about the Christmas album:

The Ying Yang Twins are getting into the holiday spirit with a new Christmas themed EP, The Ying and the Yang of the Holidays, out now through Deep Records. The EP finds the twins striking a Bing Crosby-esque pose and caroling listeners with medleys of traditional Christmas songs with a Ying Yang Twins twist. On “Sleigh Ride” D-Rock and Kaine drink eggnog and smoke blunts while making a Christmas wish for peace in the hood and giving President elect Barack Obama a shout out. “This Christmas” is a soulful take on a holiday classic, and “Deck Da Club” and “Carol of Da Bellz” are quintessential Ying Yang Twins.

“Sleigh Ride” and “Ballin’ on XMas” from the Jim Jones album are after the jump.

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  1. Cornell

    This is the greatest Christmas album ever!! Deck da Clu will one day replace This Cnristmas as the song to sing during the holidays

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