Best Year Ever, Video.

I have been sleeping on Best Week Ever this year (and a lot of TV in general), watching this the other night made me realize what a fool I am for not keeping up. I missed out on a lot of awesome pop culture stuff from kids eating 30 magnets to gropings on reality shows. Thankfully, the BWE crew did the legwork for me and wrapped up the whole year in a nice, like always-funny package. If you need the best recap of all things pop culture, have amnesia, or just have time to kill before the champagne is ready, watch this.

Also be sure to check out KNOWxONE’s year end wrapup featuring some serious Up & Comers.. and yours truly musing on the year that was.

Have a safe & happy New Year.

Parts 2-6 of Best Year Ever after the jump.

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