Stealing news on Ghostface + Dr. Dre from Pitchfork is fun.

Ghostface was mentioned earlier by BBoy so I thought this would fit in nicely. Not only is Ghostface getting cameos on NBC’s sitcom 30 Rock he is also starting his own Poker website, He is a rapper that I feel like can’t do anything wack or doesn’t fit his persona if he tried. While I don’t know what success the Poker site will have it defiantly adds to his aura of being out there/random/innovative.

This clip (shows him only getting onstage not more of the performance, but you get the idea) is from his 1st cameo, the 2nd is due in early March;


a show that gives Ghost cameos? Maybe I should start watching it.


The equivalent of ‘Detox’?

In Dr. Dre news the doc is apparently is going to start producing movies, and not some straight to video, 1000 copies made minor league ish. He is going major with New Line Cinema. Can you imagine a horror re-cutting of the ‘The Wash‘?. Also Klaxons (a UK band who I’ve been digging as of late) wants to work with him. All of this is nice and all but, if this affects the release of Detox… then it officially becomes the Duke Nukem Forever of rap.


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