Buckshot Does the Macarena Upon Being Released from the Hosptial.

Looks like Buckshot is home and well enough to do the Macarena. From the press release:

While it’s still unclear what caused the seizures, Doctors believe that Buckshot was physically drained and became severely dehydrated to the extent  that caused his body to shut down and suffer 9 seizures in less than 1 day.  Buckshot was in good spirits today as he left the hospital, and is looking forward to his next endeavors as he prepares to finish his group project with KRS-ONE, begin work on his third album with super-producer 9th Wonder, as well as a 4th studio album from BLACK MOON (DJ EVIL DEE and 5FT).
In a statement this morning, Buckshot said "I want to thank all the fans who called and wrote emails extending their well wishes and prayers. All the support helped me recover that much quicker."

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