VH1 Spotlight: ODB On Parole

Via Wu-Tang Mountain Via Bang The Box 

I had no idea this existed. Mostly covers Ol’ Dirty’s release from prison while on parole. He sings old R&B with his mom, eats his first meal outside and comes on to a reporter at his press conference. Russell looks afflicted with the “bloat” in these clips, and seems kinda out of it the whole time. Still a must-see, period.

Best line of the whole thing:

“I thought that was a really nice gift for him to give me.”-ODB’s manager (I won’t reveal the context.)

RIP Osirus.

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  1. franchise

    this show was really sad. the true wu fans could see that Russell was not the same after jail. If you get a chance, watch the ODB parts in the Rock The Bells DVD. its a good accompaniment to this show.

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