A name I call myself.

“I got that white girl, that Lindsay Lohan/
And all you gotta do is ask Lindsay Lohan”

– Lil’ Wayne on USDA’s “White Girl (Remix)” [To all the hip hop purists out there — yes, Wayne did just rhyme Lohan with Lohan. I don’t approve of it, either, but that’s besides the point right now.]

Guess you actually don’t have to ask Lindsay — she’s pretty open about it. Although, she is now claiming that the cocaine in her pocket was not hers, and actually belonged to a “friend”. However, from my understanding of celebrity, famous people have less-famous people carry their drugs, so the person that has Lindsay fucking Lohan carrying their drugs must be pretty damn famous. President Bush, perhaps?

If there’s anything positive to take out of this, I’d say that Lindsay’s mugshot is the cutest picture of her I’ve seen in a while. See, Lindsay — everything happens for a reason!

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