Wu-Tang is for…..the animals?

XXL magazine never ceases to amaze me. I was flipping through the recent issue of XXL when I came across an ad for PETA, of all things, urging readers to go vegeterian. Interestingly enough the ad featured Masta Killa, standing over a plate of some appetizing food.

The ad for PETA in XXL was not the weird part though. It was the fact that the ad was in the back section of the magazine. A portion which is usually used for the sale of nude pictures of disproportionately weighted women to prison inmates. Not to mention the numerous talent agency ads, and the occassional offer to “meet local bi guys”. I guess PETA doesn’t have the advertising budget of, say, a Joker Brand Clothing Company and must instead advertise in the Meat Parade Section (I’m Punny Like Joel Siegel!) of this writer’s favorite mag.


Good Issue Though. Cop it. Check that top 20 street albums article.

Oh Yeah. Heres the PETA2 page for Masta Killa. Watch the interview.

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  1. Djlethal01

    I saw the video a while ago but havent seen the print ad, sadly I think Masta Killa doesn’t have the power to convert many XXL readers to go veg. 50 could probably convert a whole army, but he likes his beef *rimshot*.

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