There’s No “I” In Screamo, But There’s One In “Kiss My Ass”

The now-defunct punk post-hardcore band known as All My Heroes shined briefly on their first and last album Magnolia Street, nearly two years ago on the fledgling Florida-based label Secondhand Records. Originally recording a four-song demo under the name Citizen Kane, AMH transitioned from demo to album and successfully refined..

All That Pop Punk In Your Trunk

The embarrassingly catchy punk pop machine that is Cute Is What We Aim For starts off their debut album with something very few would dare: bare vocals. Sans instruments, drums, or any musical cover, you have six seconds of the honest and somewhat shaky Shaant Hacikyan in front of you,..

Escape The Fad?

In a world filled with Fall Out Boy fifty-word-minimum-essay song titles, you still have to give it up to Escape The Fate for the first track on their debut EP There’s No Sympathy For The Dead, entitled “Dragging Dead Bodies in Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills.” So relax critics,..