Rivers Cuomo of Weezer To Try His Hand At Rap?

WOW. Via a Pitchfork Media interview with Rivers:

Pitchfork: Can you elaborate on what a more experimental Weezer record might sound like?
RC: Longer songs, non-traditional song forms, different people writing and singing, instrument switching, TR-808s, synths, Southern rap, and baroque counterpoint– for starters.

When asked for clarification on the rapping part:

Pitchfork: Oh, and who’s doing the rapping?

RC: Moi.

Now, I love both the Blue Album & Pinkerton very dearly. But that sounds like a fucking awful idea. Is he taking a page from Cosby’s book? What would “Buddy Holly” sound like with 808s?

(amusing picture at top from Cuomo’s graduation, via Merry Swankster)

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