Brightest Young Things Inauguration Classic 2k9 Spectacular Featuring Wale.

ML was at LIV Night Club last night to check out BYT’s 19 hour party (sadly, we were there for only about a 4th of that..there was some obscure ceremony going on downtown that we decided to check out.)

This was our 4th time seeing Wale live, making it his best that we’ve seen yet (and it softened the agony of missing out on that epic NYC show he had last month). Wale ran through his most known cuts like Nike Boots to W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. (favorite of the night?), in addition to performing 2 debut album cuts for the 1st time. Wale performed the Cool & Dre produced Chillin (the final version, which isn’t out, will feature Lady Gaga) and Pretty Girls. Wale’s stage presence should be in a textbook for all rappers performing live, the crowd was feeding off of it all night. The vibe of the whole club was so dope, that it seemed Wale didn’t want his time to end, scrambling last minute for a make-shift encore featuring a line over My President Is Black (“My President is Black, my credit card is too./ but my credit is fucked up thanks to that previous dude“) as well as inviting local-bred producer/rapper Oddisee to freestyle a quick 16.

Wale also had a few PSAs through out his set that stuck with us:

*UCB x Wale album coming soon (separate from the debut).

*If you hear someone mispronounce his name (ie Whale or Wall-E (Wale predictied that he’s gonna be bigger than the Pixar joint).. smack that person for Wale .

*Tre (of UCB) wrote a Lindsay Lohan (or say it like Wayne: Lo-hann) song.

*Wale is signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

The event in of itself was kick ass, there were 2 floors of live music, cheap Colt 45s, intermissions with Burlesque Dancers and Comedians (Tig Notaro). We even got some good new music on to our radar, Team Facelift (who might be the wildest partying pack, I’ve ever seen live?) & Team Robespierre.

Peace to Dan & Wale; Victor & the BYT crew for organizing such a dope event.

Check the whole set of our pictures at the Flickr page. Seeing as I used my dslr camera at a concert for the first time, I plan on getting better at it, to see dope(r) fisheyed photo’s check out BYT’s stash.

Lastly, check what Washington Post had to say about Wale’s performance.

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