ML’s Riddle 3.21.07

 Get your smile on! It’s another concept focused entry series intro time (I promise to keep it alive, as well reviving the other so called concept joints). So, I was sitting in the car with my girl listening to a mix and Tony Yayo‘s ‘So Seductive’ came on, then it really hit me how powerful 50 Cent is in the hip-hop game, shit the entertainment business period. He pretty much gave Yayo a career, who I don’t think could cut it otherwise. The man pretty much has captured the formula that it takes to make a hit record (sales wise at least). Which leads me to the question I wish to share, which you can answer in our comments or take rhetorically.  


What if 50 used the same skills he has mastered to put together hit records that leaned more towards the lines of 2pac’s ‘Changes’ and less about girls in the club?

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