Metallungies gets some Tanlines — Lincoln Hall, Chicago, 7.15.12.

Lincoln Hall was filled to the brim with excited fans this past Sunday as every sunburnt kid with a penchant for indie rock trekked it to the north side of Chicago to catch Tanlines’ exclusive Pitchfork after show ($7 with a Pitchfork wristband… basically a no-brainer). Tanlines released their first..

The company that made the Tupac Hologram at Coachella?

No joke, I nearly had an anxiety attack when I saw this on the Coachella stream an hour ago. After some digging around, I’m led to believe that a company named Musion created this mind boggling “performance” of 2pac.  A bunch of “news” sources quoted Deutsche Telekom as the creator, but my guy Victor..

Jay-Z AMEX Sync Show Live Stream, Tonight, 3.12.12.

American Express has cut a fat check to live stream Jay-Z performing songs live from the famed Austin City Limits. Hov will perform songs as selected by twitter (HOLA HOVITO, PLEASE!!). I’ve watched a few Hov streams in my  internet life time, and all of them have been pretty noteworthy..

DMX “Return to NYC”- Livestream.

  Catch DMX’s sure to be intriguing “Return to NYC” from the safety of your laptop where the pitbulls that  X might decide to release can’t pounce on you. The livestream can be accessed at 9PM EST via the EVR website as well as the EVR mobile app (free for..

The Metal Lungies Guide to CMJ 2011, NYC.

We’re accustomed to having the best of everything in New York, but the CMJ Music Marathon is basically a baby version of South by Southwest. But that’s not to say there aren’t shows to see. We’ve listed our picks below and will update with more as we find them. In..