Metallungies goes back to SXSW 2012.

Yo! I have a flight to catch in about 4 hours, yours truly is going back to SXSW.  I’m currently shaking with anxiety, as there is so much to do so much to see, that I have oodles of content from last years SXSW that I never got to share with y’all (stay tuned I’ll probably crack open the vault real soon).

Incase you are curious are/or going to be down there, here are some showcases that caught my eye/people forwarded to me:


Dimmak & Electrostub

Bounce Beyond (JUVI!)


Karmaloop x Mass Appeal

Fools Gold



Shady Record 2.0 Showcase (Live Streaming on Fuse’s youtube page)

10 Deep

Duck Down x Karmaloop

Moodswing 360

Def Jam x Noisemakers

Mad Decent x Fools Gold Super Party


Korg Fuse Frequency

Trunk Funk



Multiple Day


4 Day Brooklyn Vegan

Thur & Fri OWSLA

Last but not very least is the Fader Fort by Converse, which has gotten so big that’s a Festival within a Festival, so meta. ML will be there a lot. Bet on it.


You can see my schedule here. Which lists a majority of my picks in a nice, neat order. First timers tip: app/schedule as well as the official SXSW app are must haves if you have a smartphone.

If you are going, one word of advice, don’t run around from show to show, remember to have fun. I know it can be hard to fight off that FOMO (fear of missing out during SXSW).

Be sure to follow on twitter: @Metallungies & on instagram: Dj01 for nonstop content overload through the week, I’ll try to post updates through the week here as well (crosses fingers for homeless wifi hotspot).

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