Metal Lungies at SXSW Music 2011, Day 1.

Penguin Prison

Sooo I just survived my first day of SXSW Music… barely. As I write this, all I can think about are my aching feet. Thank God I brought some comfortable sneakers, because my feet are really killing me and I’m just starting.

Anyway, the day started off with me getting into town, getting some amazing goat burger from a food truck called the Giggling Goat. So hip-hop. Oh, and I refuse to try BBQ. Linked up with the homie Jeff Weiss aka Hannibal Moncrief, who I’m sharing quarters with.  Then it was time to get my badge wristband.  Out of nowhere we got a free ride from Chevy to the convention center. As Weiss said, “Thank you Based God.” Just walking around the convention center seemed daunting. One could probably spend all his time there without even hitting the streets.

With the wristband cutting off the circulation to my right hand, it was time to see some music.

Here is who we saw (of what I remember):

Young L, Sean Garrett, Penguin Prison, DJ Premier with NYGz & Nick Javas, Chiddy Bang, DJ Cam, Erk The Jerk, Ellie Goulding, Killer Mike (who brought out Trae), and Clock Opera.

Highlight of the night: Penguin Prison.

Random Notes:

Ran into DJ Michael 5000 Watts at a showcase and talked very briefly. He mentioned that he’s working on a project where he is flipping dubstep. Be on the look out for that!

Food Turcks… good lord are there a lot of food trucks. Is a SXSW 15 possible in like five days? At this rate, I might need to buy a bunch of new jeans when I get home.

That’s it for now, be sure to follow the latest on the twitter feed.

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