So Awsome: Animated Mixtape Covers.

First there were Jeezy-themed movie posters and now animated mixtape covers. Internet, I love you.

Look at the vibrating cup of drank and the flying rubber band on the cover of Juicy J & Lex Luger’s Rubba Band Business 2 and tell me you don’t want to tell all your friends about that shit. Or the cascading c-notes on DJ Scream and DJ MLK’s Saks Fifth: The Clearance cover. They’ll keep falling as long as there’s juice in your laptop battery. This is the future of album art. Jonathan Mannion, step your game up.

Let us know if you’ve seen any more of these. And to all the rappers and DJs out there, if your next tape doesn’t have an animated cover, you’re officially falling behind.

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  1. kool

    I’ve been dong animated promo e-flyers for my radio show for many years. More subtle than these mixtape covers, but still animated. I may step my game up a notch. I digs how they use layers.

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