Cooking With Christopher Walken.

You’ve already learnt about cooking from Jazze Pha and Coolio. What’s the next logical step? Cooking with Christopher Walken, ‘natch. Here Frank White shows you how to make a baked whole chicken with caramelized pears. So many quotables here ,and like Guru said, it’s most his voice and delivery that..

Folerio – You’re So Precious, Video.

Stones Throw’s latest signee through new imprint Good Time Records. Folerio is the first signing to PB Wolf’s new label Good Time Records. Wolf tried to sign him to Stones Throw, but he declined, saying "Folerio is for the people and Stones Throw is not for the people." PBW, you’re..


Presumably you’ve heard of this videogame. Everything about this clip is great, especially the cartoon renderings of the Beatles. Giant elephantmen? Walruses? Bring it on. Sphere: Related Content

DMX and his crew Roller Skate at Roller Rink, Video.

Wow..I can’t believe this isn’t a parody or a spoof. This video is so amazing for a few reasons, Most importantly… DMX AND HIS CREW ARE ON ROLLER SKATES. I assume they chose this to get their speed fix because the law won’t them allow to operate those Ruff Ryder..

Black Lips – The Drop I Hold (Remix ft.GZA).

Via Exclaim! Okay, this is a few days old, but it’s worth hearing. Not as surprising of a combo as you might expect. GZA  made a few appearances on the Atlanta garage rock band’s SXSW tour, and seem to have become fast friends. As for the track itself, it’s…interesting. The..

Fa Fa Fa Funky.

[youtube][/youtube] Did you know that Dee Dee of the Ramones recorded a rap album as Dee Dee King in 1989? This single is not on the album but still terrible and entertaining in a kind of car-wreck way. Seek out the whole album if you hate your ears. I like..

Philadelphia Cuddle Parties, VIDEO.

“Arousal happens”. Umm I really have no words.. please watch this and share with your families. With Craigslist killers running around, I guess this is a safer alternative. But, if you spent on $40 on this, you got ripped off I know ladies of the streets that offer a lot..