Twitter & Hip Hop: Who You Should Be Following.

I’ve been doing this Twitter stuff since August of last year and I’ve noticed a bunch of prominent hip hop figures on there as well, some of whom I’ve started following (that means their updates show up in your timeline).

Here a few people whose Twitter pages are worth following:

-One of my favourite rappers, Q-Tip, updates his fans on his daily activity (hasn’t been updated in 2 months)

-Jay Smooth of WBAI’s Underground Railroad and videoblog Ill Doctrine (and

-Hashim of Hip Hop Blogs

-Khal of Rock The Dub

-Rafi Kam & RHS of Oh Word

-Mixtape DJ Mick Boogie

-JBlow of All Up In Your Earhole

-the infamous Byron Crawford

-ML friends Soul Bounce have a Twitter feed

Tavis Smiley and my man Obama do it too.

Hell, you can follow me too if you want here. Anyone I missed?

Edit: I’m going to try to keep this updated as I discover more hip hop related people on Twitter.

-Robbie from Unkut

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