Jim Jones <3′s Twittering.

You know what ML and Jim Jones share in common? When we twitter, we both smile like little kids on Christmas (even when jail is involved, it takes a lot more to turn the ol’ smile upside down). After watching this news clip, we are almost tempted to start following..

Cock Shot (Pause).

True story: In my senior year of high school, there was a freshman in my gym class with a high-pitched voice that we nicknamed Squeaky Little Bitch. We treated Squeaky like a little brother that we loved to mess with. One day, my friend thought it would be funny to..

Ken Lee.

Thanks to ABC News for putting me on. It took me a moment to get why this was called Ken Lee, I’m clearly not too bright. This works awesome as a ringtone for your significant other. Sphere: Related Content

Smack my McGruff up.

(Image Source) My Favorite DC  story since like.. forever comes via DCist. The Examiner’s Scott McCabe provides the details in today’s strangest crime story. D.C. police officer Tyrone Hardy was dressed up as the iconic McGruff the Crime Dog on Saturday afternoon, interacting with a group of children at the..