"WTF?" Rapper Guest Appearances : KRS & Crazy Town?!

Another new feature: guest appearances by rappers that make you scratch your head and say “WTF?” I’m starting this off with a sublimely ridiculous pairing: KRS-One & nu-rap-metal 1 hit wonders Crazy Town on the latter’s song, “B-Boy 2000.” I’m not even giving you an mp3 of this one because..

“Credit Is Due,” you say?

[NOTE: The following is intended to be all in fun. ML isn’t really mad at AHH. I can’t confirm whether the opposite holds true or not.] True, stealing is dangerous. Since beginning law school last week (which has been both fun and overwhelming), I mentioned that I’d only be around..

Boycott TNA (Wrestling Company) IMMEDIATELY

I was flipping through channels and I came across Spike TV, and they had some wrestling on (I used to be a big fan of wrestling in my early teens, in the late 90s), I saw a familiar face but something was wrong, but I wasn’t sure…then I realized what..

March Madness is over for me.

Thanks to Syracuse, and Kansas aka half of my final four on the right side of the bracket is done, that’s just wonderful. Just when I though picking the loveable ‘Bama. boys to go to the sweet 16 would be my worst mistake.. If Arizona & Gonzaga make it to..

Classic, Simply Classic……

This is a classic, its old, but timely because Purple Haze was recently released. I came across it when I was doing a regular sweep of my computer. So here it is, Cam’ron and Dame Dash in November 2003 on the O’reilly Factor. {Highlight} Cam: I’m gonna get at you..