Noah and the Whale – Life is Life, Yuksek Remix.

Sometimes, it’s frustrating sifting through piles of musical shit on Soundcloud for properly mastered remixes; most of the time (all of the time), I wish there was a law prohibiting anyone from adding Avicci-esque beats to a song; but every day, I wish that bros didn’t have access to Fruity Loops. Luckily, I was cut out for dirty jobs and found this gem. Yuksek remixed Noah and the Whale’s Life is Life which was originally a melodramatic anthem (still awesome) and provided a deft hand in creating a dance-hall number that doesn’t destroy the underlying structure that Noah and the Whale provided. This is one of the more solid remixes I’ve heard lately and I really love the transformation given to the song, I’m definitely going to keep my ears peeled for more of Yuksek’s work.

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