Colbert Report on Gangsta Rap ft. Fabolous, Video.

Apparently there was some white kids in Utah that got in deep trouble for rapping at McDonalds drive-thru (late pass please?). The Colbert Report chronicles their dramatic/violent/epic story, with Fabolous making a cameo as an expert on all this gangsta rap stuff. Note to self: bring a vest if I..

Black Milk Offers You Fresh Milk.

To continue our recent spree of hip-hop related commercials (every time we post one of these, someone sends us a suitcase full of cash), here’s Black Milk’s surprising placement in a state-sponsored ad for Michigan products. At 0:22, he says “Fresh Milk!” The ad does a much better job of..

BET Cyphers 2009 (A Recap).

Another year, another BET Hip Hop Awards.  I’m not sure who the genius  behind the idea of the Cypher portion of the show is, but that mofo has had me watching BET (albeit once a year) for the last 3 years. But enough about me, let’s break down the performances:..