Andy Samberg & Chris Parnell – Lazy Sunday 2, SNL Digital Short, Video.

Holy crap, when the first digital short epic known as Lazy Sunday dropped about 6 years ago(!!), I played it countless numbers of times for nearly all my friends. With out doubt, it was one of the first things made for TV with the real intention of going viral. Sidebar: Metallungies was still on *blogspot* when we mentioned it in passing (it was so big, that it didn’t need a post, everyone had already seen it, word to my HS teachers).

Well, with Andy Samberg doing his last SNL episode, he called up the homie Chris Parnell and did what can best be described as a very worthy followup/sequel. The 101st installment of SNL Digital Short, wraps up the era nicely.

Shouts to Knobbz for picking up the brilliant ‘Welcome to Atlanta’ reference.



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