Gully Link throwdown..

As your homie is chillin on spring break, even though its nearing the end, I thought I’d bless you with some random ass links….

Here in the dc metro area there is no more gully dealership then Eastern’s Automotive Group who enlists the likes of Camrelo Anthony (dosen’t support snitching), Lavar Arrington (dosen’t support Redskins management), Fred Smoot (supports 2-sided dildos on boat parties), Clinton Portis (supports Costume makers across the world) Brenda Haywood ( supports snitchin is a snitch) and some others for their tv spots… anyway the whole Automotive Group seems like some shady ass biz that is backed by Cocaine or maybe straight up mafia. Regardless these TV spots are so beautiful that it makes you overlook anything and everything. Check out the whole stash here. For the visually impared atleast throw the theme song on the ipod.

Why Gilbert Arenas is one of my favorite NBA players, behind Ron-Ron of course.

Lil Jon at an Atlanta Thrashers hockey game!! He’d have them sipping Crunk Juice out of the Stanley Cup, that alone = Lil Jon > Gary Bettman but he dosen’t think the Trashers can rap!?!? :(.

If you liked the Lazy Sunday thing from SNL wait till you see how gangsta Natalie Portman is.

Wait a sec did I just hear the CBS announcer compare a Georgetown player to Ludacris? nice.


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