Metallungies live blogs Amazing Race 18, Episode 1.

So, this is kind of a random/last minute thing, but ML is teaming up with Phil Dzikiy (who our hardcore readers may recall from his chilling thoughts on our ‘Trapped in the Closet’ reviews) to live blog The Amazing Race 18 ALL SEASON LONG (unless we get our TVs stolen repossessed). You might find yourself asking, “what the hell is this about?”. Well, let me explain, as I descend into old man age demographics, I have become fond of CBS’ programming including the globe trotting The Amazing Race. This past fall, The Amazing Race 17 was my first season, and I was hooked… like Biggie’s first album hooked.

If you join us tonight, at 8pm EST (All Star? Heritage Classic? That’s why you have DVR). You can also use the twitter hashtag #mlamazingrace to get your comments added to our coverage. Note: this is the first season in HD.. word on the street is it’s pretty hard to film people running around all over the country with HD cameras (I’m not talking your flip cams), so you don’t have to suffer with Standard Def footage, like I did last year. Lastly, don’t be intimidated if you haven’t seen any prior seasons, The Amazing Race is a show you can pick up with any season, without knowing anything at all.

So join the conversation..or just read the gems that we drop on y’all, below.

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  1. Metallungies Live Blogs Amazing Race 18, Episode 2.

    [...] We’re back like cooked crack, as Fat Joe likes to say, for live blogging action of The Amazing Race 18, Episode 2 at 8PM EST. Clear out your sunday calendar and join us. Don’t even bother DVRing the Oscars. Don’t forget that you can use the twitters with the tag #mlamazingrace, and your brilliant thoughts will be added to our feed. [...]

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