Mark Ronson & The Business Int’l – Bang Bang Bang (ft. Q-Tip, MNDR) (Live on Letterman).

I might be trying to wife MNDR. She and Q-Tip get down like long lost siblings on the Late Show stage. Neither acknowledges the awkwardness of their pairing, but the song is so dope that it almost never occurred to me that the guy who produced “One Love” is on David Letterman with an electro-dance-pop Brooklynite who looks like she could be a Charlie’s Angel. Like I said, I might be trying to wife MNDR.

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  1. MDNR – Cut Me Out.

    [...] I heard her and Q-Tip make magic on “Bang Bang Bang.” Actually, I really caught the bug when I saw her on Letterman. Regardless, homegirl hits the electropop sweet spot. “Cut Me Out” is rhythmic, melodic [...]

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