Monthly Archives: April 2006

Killa Season=The Movie We’ve been waiting for…

Sadly, the only Movie Poster Hell Rell will ever be on The day was Tuesday, it was a miracle, the Killa Season DVD was actually released, only one pushback sufficed for this Killa project. No time was wasted to get to watching it, here at ML it was priority numero..

NHL Playoffs you so gully!

wow.. Damn it feels good to be watching this beautiful shit once more. It kind of makes me forget about the Wizroids getting their asses handed to them by King James. out. ps. ALOT OF SHIT THIS WEEK I PROMISE!!! Sphere: Related Content

Cot damn…

“Why hello there!” says Arsenio So i was browsing youtube and I came across this video: If thats not an orgyfest *nh* of classic rap stars, I don’t know what it is. It’s funny because you hear so many jokes mainly by the white media of how bad/what a failure..

A crappy day all around…

First off i want to say Rest In Peace to Proof of D12 and his family, who was tragically shot and killed in Detroit. Really surreal. The other thing was I was supposed talk to DJ Khaled of Terror Squad who is fucking clubs up with his “Holla At Me”..

dropoff linkage

Hey, Martin Scorsese didn’t dosen’t have any oscars. An oscar nominated scene from the epic ‘Killa Season’ No questions asked I will be purchasing on the first day, mostly for humor errr acting. You will cry near the end of the scene. Review 1 (Scroll down) Review 2 ODB &..

Say it ain’t so Joe!

Sadly this Cheerful couple is divorcing. Well Emzy is divorcing Kim Mathers for a 2nd time, after only lasting 3 months. I really feel sad for Eminem, poor guy probably has no groupies throwing themselves at him, they are probably really turned off from sleeping pill addicts. After you read..