Monthly Archives: November 2007

Baby shows you how to be a 5 Star Stunna.

We are just glad these got out before all the legal drama! Personally, we think maybe selling some of the stunna goods and paying The Dogg Pound would’ve been a nice thought. Don’t ever expect copped to be this lavish. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] (more…) Sphere: Related Content

Copped: Jazz LPs.

Yours truly went diggin’ the other day and guess what he copped? Some dope old jazz records for $18 total! I copped Bill Evans’ Trio 64 and Zoot Sims’ Quartets at a great Ottawa record store called Sounds Unlikely. Zoot was a very underrated saxophonist who never really got his..

Countdown to 8 Diagrams, Part 1: U-God.

A few months ago, I wrote the following 8 posts (which will be appearing 1 per day over the next 8 weekdays) with the intention of counting down to the release of 8 Diagrams on November 6th December 4th December 11th. At that time, I would’ve never imagined the string..

Copped 11.29.07.

We’ aren’t gonna front here at ML, we are materialistic as HELL! So to show just how materialistic we are, we are launching a new series called Copped where we’ll show you what we actually… drum roll… cop purchase. Here are my latest acquisitions (no stock). Ray Ban Outdoorsman II,..

Cherry Chocolate Rain.

You may remember we mentioned Chocolate Rain very briefly a bit ago. We were stunned when we saw Eskay post this: its on loop. Sphere: Related Content

Rick Ross gives away Turkeys.

Incase you were wondering how Rick Ross spends his holiday…If you enjoy footage of rappers getting daps from fans and giving turkeys to people while a loop plays in the background then this is the video for you. The event was a part of another hip hop charity: Rick Ross..

Podcast: Gangsta Grillz- The Podcast!!!! (11/27/07)

Podcast Why wouldn’t I? Gangsta Grillz- The Podcast was an idea we’ve had for a while, but we had a lot of issues with choosing which songs would perfectly represent the series. We were having some issues with the playlist but we ended up getting the songs right and it..