Monthly Archives: October 2008

Braille and S1-Frankenstein.

Braille, alongside Ohmega Watts and Othello, rolls with Lightheaded, and this week dropped a new track with S1 (a personal favorite from The Strange Fruit Project).  This region of the country has been rolling out distinct and provocative hip-hop all year long, and this effort is no exception.  “Frankenstein” is..

Magestik Legend – Free.

This is easily the best thing I got out of CMJ Week. I met Magestik Legend at Fat Beats. I was talking to the crew there (what up to DJ SAV*ONE and The Audible Doctor, who produced the Brown Bag AllStars joint from awhile back) and they passed me a..

ML Hollers @ Black Milk, Interview.

Wow. It was a fucking honour to interview Black, who I can safely call one of my top 5 producers out there right now. Black Milk discusses his upcoming projects, different methods of making beats, and his favorite soul records. ML: Hey man, how you doing? Black Milk: What’s going..

Beat Drop Revisited: Alchemist.

You know how most hip hop magazines will have that issue where they go back and gave perfect ratings (5 Mics, XXLs and what have you) to certain albums that they had given lesser ratings to before? You know, basically rewriting history to cover up their prior mistakes? Well, we..

Damn it Jean Grae, What Are You Saying?!?

This is the inside of Jean Grae’s “Love Thirst” single and despite intense analysis on my part, it makes no sense. If you can figure it out, I’ll tell you want KNOBBZ actually stands for. And just so this isn’t a complete waste of a post, here’s “Love Thirst” and..