J Dilla – Make It Fast (ft. Bun B, Termanology) x Blood Sport (ft. Lil Fame).

“Make it Fast” is a bonus track off Jay Stay Paid that only appears on the vinyl LP. Both Bun and Term’s verses are great; I can’t decided whose I like more. Remember, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard Bun B and Termanology on a Dilla beat. “Bloodsport” is an album track featuring Lil Fame that I’ve been listening to all day at full volume. I only wish the first beat (the beat changes halfway) went on longer. It’s one of the loudest, most intense Dilla beats out there. Jay Stay Paid as a whole is amazing, if we haven’t made that clear already.

Download: J Dilla – Make It Fast (ft. Bun B, Termanology)
Download: J Dilla – Blood Sport (ft. Lil Fame)


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