Monthly Archives: August 2009

Blu – NoSleepForADay.

Read Blu’s poorly punctuated description of this project for yourself: Peaz&Blessings, ItsYaBoy,FellBackForASec ButTheOverDoseIsComing, SlowlyThough WeGoneStartItOffWithSomeFunTimeShit IDidThisOneDayThisSummer FuckingAroundWithThe2000XLForTheFirstTime WasGettingTheIntroduceToTheFunctions AndThisIsWhatBlossomedFromTheCrashCourse ALittle8MinuteBeatTapeAppropriatelyTitled “NoSleepForADay” ProducedByTheBluAsBulb(theBrightIdea) Just a funky little soundscape from Blu, who’s showing a lot of promise as a producer. Download: Blu – NoSleepForADay via i write in red ink that turns..

Nu Jerzey Devil – We Stand Alone (ft. The Game).

I must be a stan; even Game’s throwaway tracks are hot to me. I’m much more excited for The R.E.D. Album than Blueprint 3. Sidebar: anyone else think the constant mention of Jewish lawyers is kinda sorta racist? The again, hip-hop artists aren’t known for their racial sensitivity. Download: Nu..

MAGr – Laminated Looseleafs (ft. Blu).

MAGr is a duo out of New Jersey whose album No News is Good News drops this Monday at rock the dub. “Laminated Looseleafs” is an engrossing blend of brooding and contemplative. Download: MAGr – Laminated Looseleafs (ft. Blu) (produced by DistantStarr) via rock the dub Sphere: Related Content

Transmitting Live Volume One (Mixed by DJ Traumatix).

Today, the definition of the word mixtape is more nebulous than ever. Let’s be clear. This is a mixtape. It’s mixed, it features unknowns and somewhat-knowns, and it doesn’t hurt that all 29 tracks are new. A mix of tracks that have been out for months, emailed out by your..

Inception, Teaser Trailer.

Looks like Minority Report meets The Matrix. Directed by Christopher Nolan, who has been on a roll since Batman Begins. The Prestige  was dope (beefing magicians? hell yeah) and of course everyone and their mom has seen The Dark Knight three times. I’m interested to see what he can do..

Rob Viktum featuring Donwill & Friends – Aight, New Drink.

Rob Viktum and Donwill lead a dream team of underground rappers on this EP. You know it’s something special when Tanya Morgan is involved. Tracklisting: 1. Worth The Wait featuring Phil Nash, Von Pea & Lee Sissing 2. Barakaran featuring Elucid 3. Midwestern Lament featuring Jermiside, Add-2, Theory Hazit &..