Joell Ortiz & Frequency – Road Kill, Mixtape.

Joell once again demonstrates his ability to rap circles around most any rapper.

The real standouts are “Make It Without You” where Ortiz pays an emotional tribute to his grandmother who passed away and “Stalker” where he tells the story of a woman dealing with a stalker with excruciating detail.  It’s great when he bodies “Run This Town” or “World Tour,” but it’s the more creative songs like these that set Ortiz apart from the masses of battle rappers.

Much like his last mixtape, Road Kill is an entertaining listen if you don’t mind being verbally berated for an hour.

Download: Joell Ortiz & Frequency – Road Kill


Track list after the jump

01. Ortiz In This Bitch (Produced by Frequency)
02. Soldier
03. Taking My Ball
04. Snake Charmer (Produced by Frequency)
05. I Go Off
06. Popular Demand
07. Run This Town
08. Make It Without You
09. Stalker
10. Vinnie Vega (Produced by DJ Green Lantern & 88fingaz)
11. On Tour
12. Big Money
13. 50 For The People (Produced by Frequency)
14. Crime Wave
15. Election Day
16. Happy Birthday Pun
17. Hello Brooklyn
18. Outro

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