Monthly Archives: February 2010

Free The Robots – Jupiter x Orion’s Belt Buckle.

I consider myself to be a smart person. I subscribe to many RSS feeds. But some of the language being used to describe Free The Robots is way over my head. What the hell does this mean? Heavily steeped in the Low End aesthetic, Free the Robots doesn’t as much..

Robot Unicron Attack.

OK so let’s talk about Robot Unicorn Attack. I got a link from my friend last night who just told me, “play it. beautiful music.” I didn’t follow the link right away because I was reading a book. I know, I’m lame. But tonight, I noticed two of my roommates..

Take – Space Particles.

(image) I can’t find anything about Los Angeles-based producer Take, but the amalgam of hip-hop, electronic, and pop on “Space Particles” goes ham. Download: Take – Space Particles via SpineMagazine Sphere: Related Content

Supplya, Gorilla Zoe, G Fella – Gangsta.

Who needs Detox when Southern rappers are making top notch West Coast rap? The Dre-influence on this track is blatantly obvious, from the low-rider ready bassline to the staccato guitar which sounds exactly like “The Next Episode.” This comes from Gorilla Zoe’s The Connect mixtape. Download: Supplya, Gorilla Zoe, G..

Jose James – Code (produced by Flying Lotus).

Producer Flying Lotus adds R&B to his repertoire with this cut from Jose James’ album Blackmagic. “Code” is less jagged than your typical Lotus production and shows the West Coast beat-head’s versatility. Blackmagic is out now, and it’s great soul-jazz listen, especially if you’re snowed in. via minigolfpharaos Sphere: Related..

The Audible Doctor – The Crackers EP Vol. 1.

The Crackers EP Vol. 1 is an EP of experimental instrumentals from The Audible Doctor of the New York rap collective Brown Bag AllStars. The soft rock samples and other oddities give it a original sound, but the way he flips his samples, even the most familiar (“I Just Died..