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The other night, Ron Artest took an unnecessary three when it would have made much more sense to wait down the shot clock. Fans booed, but a moment later, an unfazed Artest charged to the basket and hit a game winning shot at the buzzer. In the post game interview..

Black Milk – Don Cornelius.

(image) I’m trying to see how I could combine hip hop with like a fucking Beatles sound, on some rock, but not too rock. Beatles shit, but hip hop. I did the funk, the soul, niggas did that, so now I gotta do this but it gotta be right, I..

Blu – JustToPerfect (produced by Exile).

With no explanation, Blu shared this track with Exile where he moans about his beloved over what sounds like some 1950s Chordettes era shit. I could see Blu angrily adjusting the antenna on his brand new color television to this. of Needless to say, it’s awesome. Download: Blu – JustToPerfect..

Chikaramanga – Trill (ft. Co$$).

Another great 7″ from Tres Records owner/producer Chikaramanga featuring our old friend Co$$. Download: Chikaramanga – Trill (ft. Co$$) via Sphere: Related Content

Dyme Def – Do It Better (produced by Tha Bizness).

I was racking my brain to figure out where I had heard this before until I finally matched the beat to Rosa Acosta’s ass. This warm and carefree joint has summer anthem written all over it. “Do It Better” will appear on Seattle rap group Dyme Def’s upcoming project Sex..

Estelle – Fall In Love (ft. Nas).

Estelle’s new single sounds like “American Boy” lite, but it’s still an essential on my slumber party mixtape. Very clubby poppy, but without today’s compulsory electro inclination. Nas put more vigor into this verse than anything on his latest African hippie excursion with Damian Marley. Something about pop tracks entices..

Madvillain – Papermill.

“Papermill,” the first single from the new Madvillain album, clocks in at 1:45, but that’s enough of time for Madlib and Doom to shit on lesser hip-hoppers’ careers. Madlib pulls out a funky guitar loop from God knows where and Doom raps in puzzling non sequiturs. Download: Madvillain – Papermill..

Royce Da 5’9″ – My Own Planet (ft. Big Sean, Mr. Porter).

Mr. Porter assists Royce the rapping machine on a futuristic, but souled out gem off the deluxe edition of Street Hop. A lot of artists now are using special edition re-releases to get a second swipe at the apple on store shelves. Download: Royce Da 5’9″ – My Own Planet..