Monthly Archives: February 2011

Shlohmo – Places.

Any new artist who’s not trying to get beats off the homies is trippin’ right now. If you’re trying to get beats off like Timbaland or someone like that, you’re trippin’ on some old shit. The smart people are going to go and get a beat off Nosaj, or Hudson..

Johnny Spanish – Like That (produced by DJ Burn One).

Rappers, get your Burn One beats while you can afford ‘em. “Like That” is just as cinematic as any J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League production and it has the added bonus of not having Rick Ross on it. Download: Johnny Spanish – Like That (produced by DJ Burn One) via BLVDST Sphere: Related..

When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever (Nicolas Jaar Remix).

Nicolas Jaar took “Fail Forever” by Danish electronic pop band When the Saints Go Machine, stripped it of its dance-pop sensibilities (for the first three minutes, anyway), and turned it something that might play out of an antique music box. via FACT magazine Peep the original below. Sphere: Related Content

Jadakiss, Reconsidering Jiggy.

Part of our act was we would come out onstage with the shiny suits on to ‘If You Think I’m Jiggy’ and rip them off, and go into one of our harder records. But the crowd would sometimes go, ‘Awww…’ They wanted us to keep rocking ‘Jiggy.’ -Jadakiss Sphere: Related..

Jeezy Goes to the Movies.

The hierarchy of the online rap community goes like this: 1. Photoshoppers 2. Rap bloggers 3. People who leave comments on old school rap videos on YouTube Props to Kuci06, HHReloaded, Talyban, and wilde who have been trading Young Jeezy-themed movie posters in a legendary thread on the forums...

Mac Miller – She Said (produced by Khrysis).

Last night, DJ01 was in the middle of a rant about Mac Miller when I confessed that I actually like his new joint. For the uninitiated, the above picture will tell you everything you need to know about the newly anointed XXL Freshman. He was the guy in your high..

Sene – Motive pt 2 (ft. Blu, Co$$).

We all know the CIA invented rap music in the 1960s to rile up inner city youth and make them kill each other. Nevertheless, this evil music can serve a good cause. Sales of this song will support a little boy waiting on multiple organ transplants. His single mother can’t..