Your Bi-Annual Dump of New Future Tracks (Including that Justin Bieber Heat Rock).

It’s been transitional year for Future. In 2014 he released his sophomore album (a dud despite great singles), a younger, weirder version of him named Young Thug stole some of his thunder, and his engagement to Ciara just fell apart (or not?). A new mixtape due Fall will be called Evol according to Buzzfeed. So what were the highlights of this transition?

Besides a brazen pop ballad joyride with Justin Bieber, Future’s work included emotional fervor (“Good Morning” and separately his “Drunk in Love” cover), towering trap posse cuts (“Chanel Vintage,” “Disfunction”), and moody wilderness (“Coupe,” “Moscato”). The upheaval in his life might spell dramatic change in Future’s music, but it’s exciting to think what that means for someone who seems to transcend styles and eras with his loose tracks.

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