From The Underground


From The Underground: Anterluz.

Southern California emcee Anterluz emailed me a while back, and I never got around to posting his stuff. Let me make up for it now, and get you acquainted with two recent tracks. “I Ain’t Know” has a classic West Coast sound to it, with woozy synthesizers, rolling bass and..

From The Underground: Jamie Radford.

Jamie Radford is an Atlanta-based rapper and producer. He reached out to me about his new album, released under the pseudonym Dino & Bride (awesome album cover pictured above). It’s an excellent electronica-influenced hip hop album composed mostly of instrumentals, with two vocal features which you can check out below...

5 O’Clock Shadowboxers – Dirt Naps.

Full disclosure: this duo, consisting of emcee Zilla Rocca and producer Douglas Martin, are friends of mine. I’d still recommend their shit even if they weren’t, trust. This song is a teaser for the Shadowboxers‘ upcoming album, The Slow Twilight; it comes out June 23. I’ve been bumping an advance..

Point And Laugh At Them Like Statler And Waldorf.

[youtube][/youtube] “High Grade” is a mellow headnodder from my fellow Canucks, Sweatshop Union and when I saw the video, I knew I had to share. I’m always happy to recommend Canadian hip-hop, and this is dope. Great video concept too – I love OnSmash, but it’s nice to see a..

J Dilla – Reality Check (ft.Black Thought).

Via Dukes One of my favourite unreleased Dilla beats gets an insane Black Thought verse laid over it.  This track will appear on the upcoming Jay Stay Paid, a collection of unreleased J Dilla tracks and beats, executive produced and mixed by Pete Rock. DOWNLOAD: J Dilla – Reality Check..