Scram Jones – The Hat Trick, Mixtape.

Scram Jones lives on the sidelines. I’ve seen his name on production credits for as long as I can remember, but I can’t name any of them. He acknowledges his lack of visibility on “40 Bar Flashback,” where he says, “Was cool like that before I could produce a track..

Starlito – #UW: Separation Anxiety.

Starlito chases Ultimate Warrior with a nine song supplement. Separation Anxiety is a lot like Ultimate Warrior, but with an inclination toward slow jams inflamed by hi-hats, Lito’s laid back jeering, and cries of “bitch!” via grindhard apparel Sphere: Related Content

Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day In Hell, Mixtape.

The beats are shinier and the guests are bigger but Freddie Gibbs still raps better than nigh everyone in possession of a microphone. Best song? “Neighborhood Hoez” with monsieur 2 Chainz. Download: Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day In Hell via LRG Sphere: Related Content

Starlito – Ultimate Warrior, Mixtape.

Starlito’s newest mixtape Ultimate Warrior is a swirl of ambition, regret, and base desire. It’s more a mass of new material than a proper street album, but no less entrancing for it. The Nashville rapper is wildly charismatic and raps in lyrically dense bursts. Even when he adopts familiar topics..

O’Third Ent. – Family Ties, Mixtape.

Huntsville rap is iridescent, but gritty; starry-eyed, but grounded; and always heavy on bass. It’s pretty much the only hip-hop scene worth getting excited about today. Family Ties came out this week, a new mixtape from O’Third, themselves a subset of great rappers and producers behind Huntsville’s relatively bigger names. They’re..

Untamed – The 6 Day Equation.

Untamed is a mild alternative to adlib-heavy Southern rap. They have more in common with Freddie Gibbs than Waka Flocka; that is, they can actually rap. Grab The 6 Day Equation below and don’t forget about Street Solid. Sphere: Related Content

Exile – Intro to the Outro, Mixtape.

Exile’s greatest strength is quaint, jittery loops set to the ruminations of a talented niche of local rappers, but he takes a few excellent detours on his new mixtape, a collection of new and old tracks. The unexpected Bun B feature is one such excursion, a helping of syrupy, buzzing..

Danny Brown – XXX.

XXX makes for a nasty listen. It’s a death spiral of drugs, alcohol, and sex and yet the title actually refers to the roman numeral. Danny Brown just turned 30. Inebriated fornication is hardly a new topic for hip-hop, but XXX takes a startlingly dark tone. “Die Like a Rockstar”..