Sorry Ms. Jackson, I’m a Cartoon

So how many of you have heard about this new Andre 3000 Cartoon? Judging from his character that shit looks to be a trippy piece of work. Then again that won’t be too out of place at the Cartoon Network. I mean have you ever sat down and watched their..

Building Blocks: Isaac Hayes

Many of you may know him as the Chef from South Park but his musical genius extends far past his Chocolate Salty Balls. This man is one of the best sampled men in all of hip-hop. To name all the classic songs which sample him would create a list that..

Let’s say hello again to E-40

E-40 Mean Grillin’ The slang guru from the west coast E-40 has a new album coming out march 14th. He just dropped a video which I really dig, it features some nice up-side down shots ala Missy’s video with Ciara. It also has gully dancers that dance on the hood..

Killa Cam=Protector of Children (*no homo*)

With “Killa Season” coming out in April (which probably means November ’09), the CEO of Diplomat Records (he signed himself, bitch) has yet another big project on his hands…a documentary on pedofilia. Let me say that again…CAM’RON not Stone Phillips or Barbara Walters or even Geraldo…is doing a documentary on..

wow.. RIP Jay Dee aka Dilla

thanks for the pic to DeePhunk over at OKP For the first time in a long time, I am at a loss for words, he never got to achieve the shine that his talent fully deserved. Discography SOHH Write Up. EDIT/UPDATES: some other links I thought I should share, and..

Why Ghostface is the man *nhjic*

It’s a wrap…this is the cover of the year Evidence A: After seeing this clip of him having so much crazy stage energy, I want to see him live more then I want to piss after drinking a gallon of cranberry juice. Evidence B: Rocking a Sherlock Holmes (if you..

Just Like The Good Old Days

Have you ever feel a movie is pointless, boring, insulting, and deserves nothing more than to be pulled from the theater? If so the solution to your problem is to shoot someone who was at the movie with you. Follow Me. Apparently these three dudes got in a scuffle with..

A new t-shirt idea courtesy of Quan.

No he isn’t a terrorist, he is worse, he’s a hustler RAPPER. Apparently Nas’ main man who was getting a lot of buzz after that song they had, Just For a Moment was arrested and hit with a boat load of charges. But he did have 19,000 dollars in cash..

Back from Mecca

Guttah Tired and worn I return to bring the word!!!! The word is Guttah……allow me to elaborate. I was recently (6 hours ago) in the capitol of hip-hop, NYC. Sticking to my usual plan of gulliness I hit the streets in search of some shit that I could not photograph...