Metallungies Hollers @


Metallungies Hollers @ Akon.

Akon came out with one of the most diverse urban albums in recent memory with Konvicted. Filled with everything from social commentary, huge ass shaking records, grimy hip-hop cuts to a song that In my opinion could be considered an anthem for a whole country. That track by the way..

Metallungies Hollers @ Sean Price.

ML hollers @ comes back with a vengeance, as we got to talk to Sean Price. One of the best “underground” rappers out, he recently dropped his new album ‘Jesus Price’ at the end of last month. Lyrically and production wise (with help from 9th Wonder and Khrysis) Sean Peeeee..

Metallungies Hollers @ Apathy.

Apathy & Mike Shinoda Apathy is a very busy man in his least favorite season, the winter but regardless he looks to get even busier. I caught up with him in the middle of hefty press day for his new album ‘Eastern Philosophy’. Which he was doing on the road..

Metallungies Hollers @ Young RJ.

Young RJ in the flesh. Recently I was able to talk with a man who looks to play a big role in the new generation of beat makers, but one that has a resume looks more veteran then rookie, Young RJ. Recording with everyone from Detroit legends Slum Village to..

Metallungies Hollers @ Crooked I.

2006 is going to be another big year for music. One of the people that is looking to have a real big 2006 is Crooked I who is one of the best artists on the West Coast right now. He was once picked by Suge Knight to be the star..

Metallungies Hollers @ Delon.

Delon w/ Nelly Recently we here at Metallungies were able to ask some questions to Delon. For those of you who don’t know who Delon is, you damn well should. He is a rapper that is very refreshing to hear, nothing like we here at ML have ever heard before...