Alchemist – Rookies of the Future (ft. Riff Raff, Action Bronson).

In the space of two songs, Riff Raff compares himself to Rick James, Obama, Toucan Sam, Ryu from Street Fighter, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Eric Clapton. The scary part? He’s not far off. Below are “Rookies of the Future” with Alchemist and Action Bronson and “Drip” with Curtis Williams and Mike..

Slum Village – Yes Yes, Video.

Throwback rap videos are the best rap videos. See also People Under the Stairs’ “Trippin at the Disco” and of course Snoop’s immaculate “Sensual Seduction”. Also, Dilla beat. Sphere: Related Content

Alchemist – In Heaven’s Home (ft. Prodigy, Roc Marciano).

Only one track on Alchemist’s gospel-sampling instrumental album has rapping on it, so Alchemist called the two best rappers in his rolodex. ALC has the clout to bring the game’s best along for his wacky crate-digging adventures, but I don’t think Roc Marciano and Prodigy needed much convincing with a beat this cold. Two..